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Archery Arrows


Register now for the Capital Area Dart Association (CADA) Summer 2022 Season!  Have fun, meet new people, and improve your game.

Join a team or form your own team and ask a pub to sponsor you.  You pay no season dues this spring season!  Men and women of all skill levels are welcome.  We can even help you find teammates!  And, you can receive $20 in cash for each person you refer to CADA with the Ambassador’s Program! 

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The registration deadline is June 10th, and the season start dates are June 14th and June 16th.  We’ll announce when the schedules are ready.  To be eligible to play, fill out your registration form COMPLETELY, submit it right away and pay the membership fee and pub fee by the end of the second week of the season.  You may pay at one of the registration events or the League Coordinator will arrange to collect payment from you.  This season, we accept cash or checks. 

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